Levant Hospital: Dr. Antoine Maalouf

Levant Hospital: Dr. Antoine Maalouf

Antoine Maalouf

CEO and founder of the Clinique du Levant, one of the best medical centers in the MENA region.

Dr. Maalouf studied at the Brothers of the Christian Schools of Beirut and obtained his French state diploma as doctor in medicine at the French Faculty of Medicine of Beirut (1970-1977).

After eight years of specialization in Paris, Dr. Toni Maalouf obtained the French state diploma of higher studies in obstetric gynecology at the University of Paris in 1985. 

He pursued his training as a specialist while working as an intern at the Saint-Vincent de Paul Hospital in Paris from 1977-1981 (specializing in obstetrics), and while acting as head of clinical assistant at the Hotel Dieu Hospital in Paris, at the same time as lecturing at the French Faculty Broussais and Hotel Dieu between 1981-1985.

A humanist and close to patients and their families, Dr. Maalouf has contributed to many medical studies and has written hundreds of scientific articles. Among his publications we can mention three articles published in the “Encyclopédie Médicochirurgicale” (on surgical techniques).

Dr. Maalouf has deliverd some 500 children and approaches 1,000 operations per year. He combines not only great skills and competence in his medical field but he also has a perfect command of business and especially the management of a hospital.

Since 2004, Dr. Maalouf put into practice his profession on full-time basis at Clinique du Levant – Beirut, for which he assumes the presidency of its board of directors.

Clinique du Levant

The Clinique du Levant is an internationally accredited, multi-specialty hospital located in the heart of Beirut, Lebanon. Founded In 2004, today it is one of the largest private hospitals in the Middle East.

First in the region for medical tourism

The Clinique du Levant in affiliation with the prominent and pioneering European institutions, is an ultramodern medical institution, implementing a new service with the best specialized European partners (Institut Gustave Roussy, European Hospital Georges Pompideau, Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève, Universitätsklinik Frankfurt, and more than 70 of the best hospitals, public and private, in Western Europe).

Hospital and doctor pairing with Foch Hospital

A cooperation and exchange agreement around all the medical and scientific fields was concluded in Paris between Foch Hospital, one of the most prestigious establishments of France, and the Cliniquedu Levant of Beirut, Lebanon.

The partnership agreement is aimed at increasing the level of exchange between both establishments, providing patients with the services of the most qualified specialists and investing in telemedicine, hence allowing practitioners from both hospitals to gain hands-on experience.

Dr. Maalouf stressed on Lebanon’s role as a member state of the International Organization of la Francophone and on the Clinique’s keenness to maintain cultural, civilizational and scientific interaction between France and Lebanon.

In 2011 the Clinique du Levant has signed an agreement with French Accreditation to adopt and implement French quality standards.

Hospital and doctor pairing with Talshiha Hospital in Zahle

Dr. Maalouf’s pledge to giving back to his community and his HOMEtown was the main reason behind the twinning with Talshiha Hospital. This endeavor emphasizes the cooperation between both hospitals as it inaugurates an ambitious long-term collaboration that is dear to the heart of both parties and that establishes the pioneer role the Clinique du Levant plays on the community level and in Lebanon as a whole.

Latest achievement

Having a great concern as a humanitarian for helping to improve the welfare and happiness of others, Dr. Maalouf introduced the medical VIP card for media figures to provide them with the best medical treatment and services. The announcement was made under the presence of the Media Minister Ramzi Greige, Tourism Minister Michel Pharaoun, French minister Mme la Ministre Nora Bera, French MP Dr. Elie Abboud, Catholic Bishop Issam Darwish and President of AMFL Prof. Jean Marc Ayoubi, as well as large political, social and media representatives.