Love in the time of Corona

Love in the time of Corona

As modern life came to a stand still, post modern life seems to have harkened us back to simpler times.

As lungs of humanity went under severe attack, the lungs of earth have found themselves breathing again.

As social distancing became a norm, we have found times to be closer to our families and loved ones, wishing nothing more than a warm hug for those who can’t be near.

As greed and other societal ills ceased, medical ills have unmasked the faces of selfless healthcare heroes.

As insatiable consumerism came to a screeching halt, our needs and self-satisfactions have quickly adapted to subsistence levels.

As professional sports were put on hold, relaxed family walks in nature have beaten them to the punch, becoming a daily norm.

As school buildings closed down, knowledge has begun spreading faster and wider in ever new and innovative ways.

As noisy bulldozers and rattling construction quieted down, the sounds of flowing creeks and tweeting birds came roaring back.

As travel stopped, technology has continued to allow us to communicate and for our minds to traverse the edge of our universe in all its dimensions.

As politics and religion were pushed aside in irrelevance, science has come to humanity’s rescue.

And all the while, there has been one ever-present truth that seems to be unshaken. As human life was tragically lost, in the time of Corona, love has remained ever present …
… As the smallest of the small lay waste to brute force and blind following, so it has shone a light on faith in fellow man coupled with quiet prayer to the almighty …