Meet Miss Lebanon


Saly Greige is Miss Lebanon 2014. From the region of Koura, North Lebanon.

Saly studied civil engineering at the university of Balamand. Saly aspires to put her engineering skills at the service of her country, where she has plans for land development and advancement in terms of urbanism.

Women’s Rights are also on Miss Lebanon’s mind, as it is a cause that she holds dear to her heart.

Was becoming Miss Lebanon a childhood dream for you or is it a recent challenge you wanted to take?

I have always been encouraged by my family and friends since my younger age to take the Miss Lebanon challenge, but i just decided to participate to this competition after accomplishing my university studies.

How do you feel you can serve best the image of our country, and mainly the image of the women of Lebanon?

I will show the world that Lebanon is a beautiful country, despite the difficult times we are going through, that our people have the same goals for peace and freedom, despite their differences, and i’ll pay a special attention to the Lebanese woman whose rights need to be defended, especially when it comes to violence against her.

What is the main project that you will focus on during this year? And if it’s about Urbanism and City development, do you have a specific project in mind?

I am now getting prepared to my trip to London where the international competition of miss world will be held on December 14. when i return, my program will be announced through a press conference organized by we group, the official party assigned to manage my upcoming activities during the period of my legacy.

A year is not very long to implement a lot of projects, do you have long term plans to continue working on your project even when the crown is passed to someone else?

I for sure have long term plans working on projects that i have in mind, mainly the ones related to urbanism and city development. I suggest undertaking a vast campaign of development for a huge amount of unowned lands, creating the opportunities to grow our economy through massive land development on a country scale.

If you had one message to communicate to the Lebanese Diaspora everywhere in the world, what would it be?

I intend to urgently make contact with the Lebanese diaspora, getting them involved in our country’s economy through forums , and also opening the way for exchanges between their residing country and their country of origin.