Bernard Khalil

Starting merely as a hobby, a means to help through Graphic Design School, photography quickly turned into my passion and my very core.

My photography journey began in 2002; a path that went through Mr. Lebanon elections in 2007, the Doha Tennis Tournament in 2009 and the 2011 DTFF Doha Trebecca Film Festival, while working alongside photographer Roger Moukarzel at MiniMe Productions s.a.l.

I now stand as a professional photographer, and in 2015, I founded my own photography production house, DeMouton Production S.A.L.
For me, photography is technical as much as it is mystical. Photography is not a lifestyle I adopt, it’s what gets me repeatedly amazed and gives me the needed push to constantly grow and evolve.

Fascinated by people, light, life, beauty, production and commercial work, I aim to capture amazing instances, and this is what photography is all about, “drawing with light”, shooting a fracture of a moment and translating words, thoughts and emotions for the viewer to behold physically and tangibly.

The Photo Gallery of Bernard Khalil