"Acts of kindness come full circle..."
"Emotions are not enemies to be represses, they are our allies if we understand and direct them in the right way."
"If you can walk, you can snowshoe."
"They don't ask for pizza anymore, they ask for "Manakeesh" "
"Your life becomes your work, so you have to really love what you do."
"The continuous and long-term exposure to poor air quality affects the cardiovascular, respiratory and the nervous systems; Young, old and sick people being the most susceptible"
"One piece titled "Aziza" is named after a woman that lived in Naamani's Neighborhood... She was this Goddess and all the kids would look at her in the awe when she was walking. She even left behind a trail of strong perfume."
"The museum of natural prehistory is the first museum in the middle east to display objects of the prehistoric life."
"Worldwide, about 795 million people are in constant hunger"
"Donating this sculpture to the Lebanese consulate general in Montreal has a double value for me. It allows me to honor my Lebanese roots and to pay tribute to my city, Montreal"
"Whether you're a native Lebanese resident or a member of the vast diaspora, one thing is certain: Hummus tastes like home"
"When you reach the top, always remember to send the elevator back."
"It takes so little to save a life, this is the best return on investment you can get as the child will immediately recover after surgery"
"White does not cover up rape"
"Success is not an easy road but it welcomes everyone that deserves it."
"Despite all the economic and structural barriers, the Lebanese know how to have a good time."
"Dancing is poetry with arms and legs"
"Every place a Lebanese has ever traveled has been brought back and can be found here."
"When your vantage point shifts and you see yourself as a witness to what is happening, humor and is benefits can unfold naturally within you."
"Words cannot convey the value of yoga - it has to be experienced."
"Do it! But do it right."
"We have a lot of skilled female weavers and artisans to be proud of."
"There are also many women who are too comfortable in their own bobble to shake the system and fight for others' rights."
"We love in secret and we condemn in public."
"I want people thinking with me, not following me."
"Doctors can affect your illness just by the way they communicate."
"Techniques to straighten textiles are as old as textiles themselves."