Back to Basics with Chef Vesso Mrakic

Growing food is one of the most purposeful and important activities a human can do. In addition to stress relief, access to sunlight, improved mood and connection with the land, gardening helps us thrive and nourish and maintain our health. Having grown up in the town of Dubrovnik, Croatia, I appreciate having been raised in […]

A Tale of Two Worlds: Kfarmishki

Vegetable jars

Like the rest of Lebanon, Kfarmishki is a tale of two worlds. One sits firmly on top of a little hill on the southern edge of West Bekaa, also known as Wadi el Taym, with a little more than 400 indigenous inhabitants. The other is scattered several time zones away mostly across the Americas, with […]

Bio Christmas: Slow Food Changing the World


Photos by: Beatrice Le Bon Chami Photography At the height of apple season, Walid Ataya heads to Mount Lebanon to buy apples directly from the orchards.  “I like to see where they are from,” he says. “At the supermarket, you see a lot of imported apples on shelves. They have traveled for miles. They don’t have much […]

The New Mountain Explorers – Virtual Games and Activities

How can you nurture a child’s appreciation of nature? How can they learn that when a mountain is destroyed, it’s irreversible? One answer is to teach them. For parents and teachers who want Lebanese children to understand what a wonder the Lebanese Mountains are, the Lebanon Mountain Trail Association has created a new online learning […]