Artist Wissam Melhem free the lines, free the colors.

a paint with white hands and houses above

Article by: Maie El-Hage In the quiet elegance of his Belle Vue apartment, Wissam Melhem opens up about his artistic journey. Recounting his early illustrations, this designer-turned-artist discusses how his work has always been about social and cultural commentary. Now at his artistic peak, Melhem is enjoying the expressiveness and artistic freedoms of his action-painting […]

Preserving and Promoting National Heritage for Art Lovers

A room with paintings hanging on walls

Cultural heritage is one of Lebanon’s most abundant resources. The identity of future generations depends on the preservation of a collective past. It was with this noble pursuit in mind that the Lebanese Foundation for the National Library collaborated with SV Gallery, a Beirut-based art gallery to produce a lineup of a series of exhibitions […]

Man of Many Hats: Chef Hussein Hadid

A smiling man wearing a white coat

Photos by: George Sahyoun Interviewed by Editor-in-Chief: Patricia Bitar Cherfan Chef Hussein Hadid, winner of the Prix du Chef de l’Avenir by l’Académie Internationale de la Gastronomie, is a Lebanese chef most known for his passion for flavors and innovation. The love for food came early in Hadid’s life. “I was very skinny and used […]

Princess Tania de Bourbon in Lebanon

Woman in black dress sitting on a chair in salon

Interviewed by: Patricia Bitar Cherfan, Editor-in-Chief Photo by: Masha Romanovskaya, Time City Magazine Princess Tania de Bourbon Parme is a designer, international ambassador of Pasarela de Asfalto magazine, president of the association Autrement Dit that promotes French art to foreigners, is active in sports, and is a direct descendent of the Danish royal family. The […]

The Road of the Lebanese Immigrant Walter Muller Moujir

Man wearing suit and eyeglasses giving speech on microphone stand

South America is an established hotspot for the Lebanese diaspora; Argentina alone boasts 1.5 million of them. Immigration to the country began in the 19th century and has continued, fostering a bona fide bond between the Middle Eastern country and its South American counterpart. As Walter Muller Moujir, an Argentinian of Lebanese descent says, “All […]

Ahla Fawda: Painting Together in the Spirit of Change

Multicolor painting of two human heads

I first met Imane Assaf on Hamra Street, where she was dressed up as a fabulously ugly Halloween witch. The Halloween street event was one of Ahla Fawda’s very first initiatives aimed at bringing joy, entertainment, and new artistic experiences to locals. Becoming part of the Ahla Fawda team means joining Assaf’s extended family. Her […]