Startups and SMEs: The Way to Go in Lebanon

drawing of a green rocket with smoke

Lebanon is at an economic crossroads. The internal political stalemate and the perverse regional impact on its economy and business climate have taken a heavy toll on the country in the past few years, and the need to reverse this destructive course is imperative. Against this backdrop, Lebanon is in dire need for a comprehensive […]

Building Momentum for Lebanese Innovation


Recent achievements have demonstrated again that Lebanese startups can compete and win on the global stage. Can we unleash the positive tidal wave of Lebanese entrepreneurs? Lebanon is a small country with an estimated population of 4.4 million people, plus approximately 1.5 million refugees, both Syrian and Palestinian. India currently has approximately 1.3 billion people and is one […]


A new initiative was launched to incite partnerships between Canadian and Lebanese businesses. There is approximately 8,685 Km between Beirut and Montreal. It was somehow abolished on March 9, 2016. As if by a magic wand this distance was metaphorically, if not physically, removed by determination and commitment, which have fostered fertile links between the […]