Rallye des Grâces: The Race for Economic Empowerment

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Interviewed by Editor-in-Chief, Patricia Bitar Cherfan In an unconventional crossover, a car race doubles as an empowerment network for women to kickstart their own businesses. Chahrazad Rizk, a powerhouse of Swiss and Berber origins, is the driving force behind the Rallye des Grâces, or Women Classic Rally. HOME sat down with the first Arab woman […]

LibanPost: A Visionary in Social Responsibility

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For 21 years, LibanPost has been committed to innovating the postal service in Lebanon while exceeding the needs and expectations of its users. Indeed, LibanPost confronted Lebanon’s many regional challenges and economic setbacks head on, making it so much more than a simple mail delivery provider, that it progressively earned the friendly label of “life […]

The Bottom Line with Elias Alouf, BSL Bank General Manager

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Despite a looming economic crisis, BSL BANK’s General Manager Elias Alouf is confident that Lebanon’s banking sector will weather the storm and continue to improve financial services for customers. “I don’t think Lebanon is overbanked,” Alouf tells HOME Magazine from his office on Banks Street in Downtown Beirut. He believes that the high number of […]

Man of Many Hats: Chef Hussein Hadid

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Photos by: George Sahyoun Interviewed by Editor-in-Chief: Patricia Bitar Cherfan Chef Hussein Hadid, winner of the Prix du Chef de l’Avenir by l’Académie Internationale de la Gastronomie, is a Lebanese chef most known for his passion for flavors and innovation. The love for food came early in Hadid’s life. “I was very skinny and used […]

Arab World’s First Female Interior Minister: Raya El Hassan

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Trailblazing Raya Haffar El Hassan became the first female Minister of Interior in the Arab World this year and served as the first female Minister of Finance in Lebanon (2009 to 2011). With extensive experience in both the private and public sectors, public finance and social development make up her areas of expertise. While women […]

Sensio Air: Breathe Easy

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Imagine living in a world where you didn’t have to worry about the quality of the air you breathed, a world where you could confidently walk out of your house and not have to think twice about the pollutants hijacking the air. While pollution is far from solved, strides have been made in detecting allergens […]