Faith in Unforeseen Place: Melkite Church

Church with blue sky in background and a tree of pink flowers

Photo by Meredith Cavaleri It’s 10:30 a.m. The Divine Liturgy. The Sunday service at Melkite Church seems like that of any other place of worship in the world until I leaned in more closely. The four dozen or so attendees — young families, elders, millennials — every age demographic thoroughly represented — stood in unison, […]

Chirine Njeim: Lebanon’s Champion – Olympic Skier to Olympic Runner

Photo by: Atanas Kan Lebanon’s first ever competitor in the Winter Olympics is one of the few athletes in the world to ever compete in both the Summer and Winter Games. Representing Lebanon in four Olympics so far, she is also the fastest woman in Lebanon, being the top Lebanese female in the past three […]

Moments of Being in Beirut by Renowned Chicago Essayist Michele Morano

The municipal electric supply cuts off for a few hours each day, but the first time I notice, it’s evening in a tiny pub downtown. One moment everyone’s talking above the music, crowded around the eight-seater bar and a handful of tables, and the next moment it’s dark, the music gone but conversation continuing. Cigarettes […]

Photographer Andrea Shaker Explores Her Ancestral HOME

Photo by: Lama S. Riman In the small town in New England, U.S.A., where Lebanese-American artist Andrea Shaker grew up, the local fire station tested its alarms at noon. “We lived across the street from the station so the alarm was quite loud. For me, the siren was part of an overall sense of comfort, […]

When Women Win: How Rana Nawas Turned Her Passion Into Reality

Rana Nawas — president of the Dubai chapter of Ellevate Network, a global businesswomen’s network, a corporate veteran, a Feng Shui consultant and a lover of butterflies — has followed her passion to connect and inspire women all over the world. With a Lebanese mother and Palestinian father, Nawas was educated at Oxford University and […]