Ahla Fawda: Painting Together in the Spirit of Change

Multicolor painting of two human heads

I first met Imane Assaf on Hamra Street, where she was dressed up as a fabulously ugly Halloween witch. The Halloween street event was one of Ahla Fawda’s very first initiatives aimed at bringing joy, entertainment, and new artistic experiences to locals. Becoming part of the Ahla Fawda team means joining Assaf’s extended family. Her […]

The Spoiling Epidemic of Christmas: How to Avoid Spoiling Kids at Christmas

Teenage girls wearing Christmas hats

Photos by: Chocolate Fine Art Photography How many gifts are you going to have under your Christmas tree this year? Ten? Twenty? Thirty or more? Parents are in a dilemma this time of year as they are caught between the urge to indulge children with tons of gifts and the fear of raising spoiled kids. […]

But What Is HOME? HOME Is Where the Heart Is

Woman with Christmas tree in background

What if your heart is in two places? Home and Christmas are so synonymous and yet, for some, these two words don’t seem to fit in the same sentence. As I write this in my Montreal home, and you read it in Beirut, expatriation takes a whole new meaning. During 363 days, living abroad is […]

Meghli: An Almighty Treat

Lebanon’s traditions and customs reflect the richness and generosity of a sophisticated HOMEland often linked to community festivities, values of hospitality, intercultural heritage and a culinary ritual celebrated on every occasion. Photo by: Serge Oryan Festive recipes play a vital role in cultural identity. The smell of the food alone is sometimes enough to conjur […]

From Los Angeles, Joanna Nachef 1st Maestra of the Middle East

When conductor Joanna Medawar Nachef, Ph.D., takes the podium, her dress sparkles. As the first female orchestra conductor from the Middle East, she is known for her sense of style, among other things. “I wear glittery dresses and use my feminine traits,” said the Ashrafieh-born, Los Angeles-educated, Lebanese American musician. “I don’t want to look […]

Arabesque Christmas

  This year, Elie Berchan came up with a revisited Christmas mood highlighting our roots. Arabesque Christmas was the main inspiration. Being from the Middle East, the land of religions, Elie Berchan was inspired to develop such a theme which includes mainly letters, candles and wood branches. How did you come up with the theme? […]