A Book Not to Read: The Book of Mirdad by Mikhail Naimeh

Book blue cover with title The Book of Mirdad

“Millions of people have tried to write books so that they can express the inexpressible, but they have utterly failed. I know only one book, The Book of Mirdad, which has not failed; and if you cannot get to the very essence of it, it will be your failure, not his.” Osho I wanted to […]

Beyond Feminist and Into Feminine

Women hazel eyes with hands infront

We are so lucky to be living a reality our ancestors could only dream of. Despite the struggles facing humanity to this day, we have succeeded in overcoming many challenges. In fighting for equality between the sexes, we have come a long way. But to march safely through the other half of the journey, I […]

Zena El Khalil’s Unique Artistic Process of Reconciliation

It’s time to start talking about our pain publicly. If we don’t talk, we can’t start the healing,” artist Zena el Khalil told the people gathered to see an exhibition of her work. Photo by: Imad Khachan Wearing a long, simple white frock, she stood in the middle of the recently opened Beit Beirut museum […]

Cindy Moussi Takes Readers on her Personal Journey to Mental Health

At the age of 43, Lebanese-Australian Cindy Moussi thought she had it all. Her son was grown up and independent, so it was time for a gap year – a year to step off the fast track and consider life’s deeper meanings, to figure out where to go from here. So, she left her fast-paced […]

All That Sparkles

  The product range of the Falamank fine jewelry line is rich and diverse. Pieces can vary from contemporary cuff style earrings, calligraphy emblazoned charms to timeless antique style rings. The mixture of styles reflects the taste of Tarfa Itani, the creator of the Falamank brand, which she founded in 2006. Falamank can be described […]