Rachana: An Open-Air Museum on a Hill

a house with trees around one green and one red color

Marwan Abdallah, a resident of the village of Rachana, talks about its rich history and importance in the world of art and culture. Across the Madfoun River and on the border of the Mount Lebanon and North Lebanon governorates, just 300 meters above sea level, lies Rachana, which at first appears to be a typical […]

LeBAM, Transforming Lives Through Music Education

Choir and orchestra wearing white clothes on stage

Love at First Concert We first came into contact with The Lebanese Band Association for the Promotion of Music (LeBAM) when HOME Magazine was invited to hear its band perform in the village of Baskinta, in the district of Metn, many years ago. Not knowing what to expect from a young orchestra, we sat among […]

For the Art: A Two-Way Bridge Between Switzerland and Lebanon

For the Art builds a bridge through the arts between Lebanon and Switzerland and, in the process, supports art therapy. From projecting a short movie on a human body to having Pierre Geagea, an artist who, since birth, is deaf, perform the most incredible dance, to sending a Swiss composer and pianist to Lebanon for […]