Could a Citizen Bill of Rights help Lebanon overcome its turmoil?

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The Lebanese Citizen Bill of Rights provides the citizens with ALL the rights that they have been demanding. As such, it is arguably among the few instruments available to the Lebanese state, which could allay the rising anger and fear of the citizens as their financial situation deteriorates. Therefore, unlike what some may argue as […]

Is the government the enemy of the people?

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In describing the need for an American Bill of Rights, George Mason Professor Walter Williams once wrote, “The Bill of Rights should serve as a constant reminder of the deep distrust that our founders had of government. They knew that some government was necessary, but they rightfully saw government as the enemy of the people, […]

(لائحة الحقوق الاساسية للمواطن في لبنان (اصدار 6د

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نحن شعب لبنان، بعد أن عانينا المشقة والإذلال وسوء المعاملة من نظام مقسم غير عادل و غیر فعال، اتحدنا في التغلب على ماضينا الحزين، و القضاء على أوجه القصور و التجاوزات، وتعزيز دولتنا، و تجديد امتنا. من خلال قيامنا بذلك، نحن نسعى نحو مستقبل أكثر إشراقا وازدهارا لجميع المواطنين اللبنانيين من دون استثناء. نحن نطالب […]

Is it true that in Lebanese Constitution the words president, minister and parliament are mentioned more than 260 times, whereas the word citizen is mentioned only ONCE?

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A Bill of Rights is a grouping of rights that citizens assemble and render constitutional in order to serve as a counterbalance to the powers of the state. Whereas a constitution establishes a state by ceding some rights and responsibilities to a government representing the people (e.g. building roads, public education and security), a Bill […]

Do protestors need a unifying vision?

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Over the past several months, different groups of Lebanese protestors have gone to the streets all over the nation demanding numerous rights—economic, social, political and judicial. While there is a clear dissatisfaction of the Lebanese people with the governing of their state, there is also an emerging concern over the lack of a unifying vision […]