Artist Wissam Melhem free the lines, free the colors.

a paint with white hands and houses above

Article by: Maie El-Hage In the quiet elegance of his Belle Vue apartment, Wissam Melhem opens up about his artistic journey. Recounting his early illustrations, this designer-turned-artist discusses how his work has always been about social and cultural commentary. Now at his artistic peak, Melhem is enjoying the expressiveness and artistic freedoms of his action-painting […]

For the Love of Woodworking: Thomas Trad

Man with eyeglasses wearing a black t-shirt with tattoos on his sleeves

In the last decade, the traditional world of Lebanese design has been invigorated by a wave of modern, young creatives. They are satisfying a growing appetite for objects and furniture that are contemporary and avant-garde; not imported from Italy or Scandinavia but conceived and produced right here in Lebanon. Thirty-year-old Thomas Trad is a leading […]

Hind Hobeika – Instabeat: Smart Goggles for Swimmers

Swimmer in blue water

Photo by Charalampos Tsirmpas From Lebanon to San Francisco, Hind Hobeika has evolved from a young passionate swimmer to a mature entrepreneur. Ten years of hard work and commitment did not do Hind Hobeika wrong. Over those years, she accepted the mistakes she made, pulled out the lessons she learned and worked harder on fulfilling […]

Roadie Tuner: When Music Meets Technology

Hand with rings holding string instrument

When Bassam Jalgha started designing the world’s first automated string instrument tuner, he didn’t have guitars in mind. The Roadie range of products has received glowing reviews from luminaries of the rock scene, garnering praise from guitarists such as Spike Edney from Queen, Vinney Moore (UFO), Chet Roberts from Three Doors Down, and Mark Farner […]

Did You Know That Now You Have Access To More Than 1000 Municipalities!

Woman in black dress sitting on a chair with laptop in office setting

Want access to all things municipal-related in Lebanon? The Lebanese Municipal Agenda is revealing a game-changing experience just for you! They are about to officially launch a revolutionary online platform, translated into English, Arabic, and French which will offer all citizens information on all topics of municipalities to peruse at their leisure. It’s easy! The […]

Solar HOMEs, Linked to the Major Source of Energy on Earth – the Sun

Green treas with rays of sun

Energy for life People spend most of their lifetimes inside buildings whether at HOME, work or otherwise. While workspaces are also important, HOMEs are probably more fundamental with regard to a very basic human need: shelter and refuge. When it comes to residential HOMEs, it is clear that humans strive to make them as comfortable […]