A Tale of Two Lebanons

a tale of two lebanons with a tree one in a bad condition and the other part in a greenery and sunny condition

A century ago, famed Lebanese poet Gebran Khalil Gebran wrote, “You have your Lebanon and I have my Lebanon.” His words still ring true, as seemingly two Lebanons have emerged. One is the old Lebanon—still living in its shadowy past, where the nation is split among populations, geographies, sects and classes. With senseless wars and […]

Roots and Routes: A Swedish-Lebanese Tale of Exile and Belonging

Illustration of a tree and its roots in red, blue, green and yellow colors

My first contact with Sweden was through the film Scenes From A Marriage by the “demon director” Ingmar Bergman. The projection took place in one of Beirut’s smaller cinemas. Not surprisingly, we were a handful of people sitting stuck to our chairs. There was some kind of enchantment over the characters in the movie, we […]

Women and Peace

Peace isn’t simply the absence of war or violence. Peace can be possible when poverty gives way to prosperity, when there is education and equality for all. Peace is about inclusion, dialogue, teamwork, tolerance, respect and understanding. It is a process and it doesn’t happen overnight. The sad thing is, seeing how the world stands, […]


  Philip Morris International (PMI) joined the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) in 2015. The UNGC is a voluntary public-private partnership aimed at advancing global sustainability goals through business commitment to ten fundamental principles relating to Human Rights, Labor Rights, Environmental Responsibility, and Anti-corruption measures. PMI published in June 2016 its first ‘Communication on Progress’ […]