Do protestors need a unifying vision?

2 faces of a man and woman looking upwards with the lebanese flag

Over the past several months, different groups of Lebanese protestors have gone to the streets all over the nation demanding numerous rights—economic, social, political and judicial. While there is a clear dissatisfaction of the Lebanese people with the governing of their state, there is also an emerging concern over the lack of a unifying vision […]

The Beirut Art Film Festival: Participating in the Revolt with Thought-Provoking Films

the cedar green trees with the mountains

The films featured at the Beirut Art Film Festival (BAFF) are not your average run-of-the-mill movies you see at your local cinema. They are carefully selected to offer audiences documentaries and films that are thought-provoking, educational and artistic. Founded by art gallery owner and art history teacher Alice Mogabgab Karam, the film festival is now […]

Honey Production in Lebanon

5 boces having atelier du miel, jars full of honey with 2 guys in front of a car and a garden

L’Atelier du Miel is using the Lebanese countryside to its full potential, with interesting and innovative techniques to create a huge range of tantalizing honeys. While cementing its place in the market, it is also building the future of beekeeping and honey production in Lebanon. Anyone who believes that all honeys are the same, should […]

Raising Kids in Lebanon

a young child with a blue dress bending on a big rock with the view of the sea around and many rocks and a castle in the sea

Jenny Ponnig gives her account of the challenging, frustrating and beautiful educational experience that you get from raising your kids in Lebanon. The land of cedars is a country with an ancient past and an unpredictable future. Living in Lebanon’s present is a complexity that I want to discover and explore with my kids, so […]

Rachana: An Open-Air Museum on a Hill

a house with trees around one green and one red color

Marwan Abdallah, a resident of the village of Rachana, talks about its rich history and importance in the world of art and culture. Across the Madfoun River and on the border of the Mount Lebanon and North Lebanon governorates, just 300 meters above sea level, lies Rachana, which at first appears to be a typical […]

Mark AbouZeid Explores the Roots of His Past

A visual storyteller, photojournalist, and a father; Mark Abouzeid is not only a land explorer who went to the North Pole, Mount Fuji and who lived with the Bedouins in the desert; but also  an  explorer of culture and of the self. Abouzeid is inspired by sailing across the seas and across the oceans that […]