LibanPost: A Visionary in Social Responsibility

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For 21 years, LibanPost has been committed to innovating the postal service in Lebanon while exceeding the needs and expectations of its users. Indeed, LibanPost confronted Lebanon’s many regional challenges and economic setbacks head on, making it so much more than a simple mail delivery provider, that it progressively earned the friendly label of “life […]

Arab World’s First Female Interior Minister: Raya El Hassan

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Trailblazing Raya Haffar El Hassan became the first female Minister of Interior in the Arab World this year and served as the first female Minister of Finance in Lebanon (2009 to 2011). With extensive experience in both the private and public sectors, public finance and social development make up her areas of expertise. While women […]

Gino Raidy: From Journalism to Blogging to Activism

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Popular Lebanese blogger Gino Raidy talks civil society, liberal ideals and initiating change, walking us through his journey from blogging and journalism into impactful activism. Between Gino’s Blog and MARCH Gino Raidy started a blog in 2010 as an extra-credit project while studying biology at the American University of Beirut. Little did he know he would one […]

When Women Win: How Rana Nawas Turned Her Passion Into Reality

Rana Nawas — president of the Dubai chapter of Ellevate Network, a global businesswomen’s network, a corporate veteran, a Feng Shui consultant and a lover of butterflies — has followed her passion to connect and inspire women all over the world. With a Lebanese mother and Palestinian father, Nawas was educated at Oxford University and […]