12 NYC Lebanese Restaurants for When You’re HOMEsick

naya restaurant

In the middle New York City’s chaos—the traffic, the tourists, the skyscrapers, the cold—it’s almost easy to get homesick; to long for Gemmayze’s bar scene, Hamra’s delicious late night spots, Byblos’s serene port, and teta’s cooking. Since hopping on a plane and flying to Beirut is not always the most feasible option, fishing for authentic […]

Remembering Lebanon

Rafik Hariri University faculty and staff dinner, 2016 It’s been two weeks since a massive explosion in Beirut’s port sent shock waves that were felt in Cyrus, over 150 miles away. It killed more than 200 people. At least 110 are still missing and by the latest counts as many as 300,000 are suddenly homeless. Prime […]

23 Years of Touching Hearts and Minds: Najla Hamati of Collège Louise Wegmann

Kids raising hands in classroom with teacher in background

Interviewed by: Patricia Bitar Cherfan, Editor-in-Chief Holding children by the hand Collège Louise Wegmann teacher Najla Nasser Hamati is Lebanon’s answer to Robin Williams’ much celebrated character in Dead Poets Society: inspiring, unconventional, and lovable. She approaches teaching with love and her students with the type of respect that leaves an indelible mark for life. […]

The Dream of Coming HOME

a book with a picture of people and the word America

Marta Haddad’s dream of coming HOME remained unfulfilled. With only a bag full of courage, hope and love Marta Haddad boarded a boat in Beirut , making a long and perilous voyage to France and then onwards to her final destination, New York. The trip to America was a complicated aspiration for a young woman […]

OFFRE JOIE The Joy of Giving

sheikh and priests standing next to each others while holding the a paper with ebanese flag and the lebanese flag all around

Founded in 1985 by lawyer Dr. Melhem Emile Khalaf, Offre Joie is an independent Lebanese non-governmental humanitarian organization. Q & A with Offre Joie What is the vision of Offre Joie? Offre Joie started during the Civil War, when some of us realized we had to do something to counter the conflict. The best way […]

BIPOD a Contemporary Art Form

a women with a blue shirt and a man with a green shirt with their hands dancing while the man bending

The 12th edition of BIPOD gathered artists from around the world who gave spectacular performances at the Madina Theatre. Dance as Robert Frost would say is the vertical expression of a horizontal desire. It is a moment of creativity where music acts as the catalyst for bodily liberation in which you can express feelings and […]