How the Lebanese Citizen Bill of Rights Can Deliver an Independent Judiciary

a statue of a women holding the balance of justice

Many in Lebanon have started demanding an independent judiciary. And yet few describe what this really means. After all, in its very definition, the judiciary is there to simply interpret what the law is and to pass judgment for the authorities to apply. Unfortunately, over the past few years, the people in Lebanon have lost […]

A Little Bit of Magic! Magic for Smiles: Jamie Jibberish

Magic for Smiles text in yellow circle

Jamie Balfour-Paul is a magician! Not just an ordinary one: he is the only humanitarian magician based and working in Lebanon. Born in Beirut, the son of a British diplomat, Jamie attended boarding school in Britain beginning at the age of 8. Since childhood he has been fascinated by magic and as a young teen […]

Gino Raidy: From Journalism to Blogging to Activism

Man with beard

Popular Lebanese blogger Gino Raidy talks civil society, liberal ideals and initiating change, walking us through his journey from blogging and journalism into impactful activism. Between Gino’s Blog and MARCH Gino Raidy started a blog in 2010 as an extra-credit project while studying biology at the American University of Beirut. Little did he know he would one […]

Saving Lebanon, One Child At A Time

Boy with pen

Save the Children Lebanon faces the unique challenge of serving 1.4 million children in the country in need of basic services — from food and water to protection and education. From the outside, it looks like a typical villa in one of Lebanon’s mountains, nestled between orange groves and olive branches. Stepping inside, however, a cornucopia of colors and handmade crafts […]


  Philip Morris International (PMI) joined the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) in 2015. The UNGC is a voluntary public-private partnership aimed at advancing global sustainability goals through business commitment to ten fundamental principles relating to Human Rights, Labor Rights, Environmental Responsibility, and Anti-corruption measures. PMI published in June 2016 its first ‘Communication on Progress’ […]

Walking with Dr. Gaby Moawad through his journey to Washington

A journey of success will have ups and downs along the way. It needs determination, persistence, and belief. Doctor Gaby Moawad spoke to HOME about his inspiring journey. A decision worth making It all started when Dr. Gaby took the right decision. He was born in 1976 in Zgharta. After graduating from high school, he […]