Speaking Truth to Power: Pierre Sadek Foundation

Man's face with hand on face and caricature of old man

Interviewed by Editor-in-Chief Patricia Bitar Cherfan A staunch supporter of freedom of speech, Pierre Sadek channeled his acerbic critique of politicians through his tireless pen. Ghada Sadek Abela, the daughter of the late caricaturist and president of the Pierre Sadek Foundation, opens up about her father, his legacy, and the efforts being taken to preserve […]

And Then Suddenly I Jumped!


Photo by Gaëlle Vuillaume Entrepreneurship, en•tre•pre•neur•ship äntrəprəˈnərˌSHip/ noun: the activity of setting up a business and taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. One day, a very well-intentioned financial advisor asked me about my “risk level.” I put on a wicked smile and replied, “My slippers have non-skid soles.” I think he quit […]

All That Sparkles

  The product range of the Falamank fine jewelry line is rich and diverse. Pieces can vary from contemporary cuff style earrings, calligraphy emblazoned charms to timeless antique style rings. The mixture of styles reflects the taste of Tarfa Itani, the creator of the Falamank brand, which she founded in 2006. Falamank can be described […]