The Perils and Promises of Media: Yamid Amat

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Since his journalistic debut in the 1960s, Yamid Amat has been a force to be reckoned with. Radio, TV, newspapers, and books have all bore witness to this media practitioner’s unyielding desire to transmit knowledge. Over his illustrious career, Yamid Amat has democratized and universalized information through several mediums, mostly notably serving as director of […]

Walking with Purpose, HOME Interviews Her Excellency, First Lady of Afghanistan Rula Ghani

Old woman with white veil on her greyish hair with microphone in front of her and a blue flag behind her

At the Geneva Conference on Afghanistan,November 2018 – Photo by Violaine Martin / UN Photo Interviewed by: Patricia Bitar Cherfan, Editor-in-Chief Her Excellency, Lebanese-born First Lady of Afghanistan Rula Ghani reflects upon roots, family, academia, and cultural activism. With poise, serenity and sincerity, the multilingual Francophone—fluent in Dari and Arabic, too— discussed the role of women within today’s society and […]

Gino Raidy: From Journalism to Blogging to Activism

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Popular Lebanese blogger Gino Raidy talks civil society, liberal ideals and initiating change, walking us through his journey from blogging and journalism into impactful activism. Between Gino’s Blog and MARCH Gino Raidy started a blog in 2010 as an extra-credit project while studying biology at the American University of Beirut. Little did he know he would one […]

And Then Suddenly I Jumped!


Photo by Gaëlle Vuillaume Entrepreneurship, en•tre•pre•neur•ship äntrəprəˈnərˌSHip/ noun: the activity of setting up a business and taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. One day, a very well-intentioned financial advisor asked me about my “risk level.” I put on a wicked smile and replied, “My slippers have non-skid soles.” I think he quit […]

Art Therapy: Healing Through Creative Expression

The growth of art therapy in Lebanon will bring benefits as long as it is done right, says therapist Myra Saad. Article by: Vivecca Chatila Quick, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of art therapy? If you’re thinking coloring books, you’re certainly not alone. Although coloring can relieve stress […]

Playing Tourist in Beirut

Yara Zgheib shares her experience of playing tourist in Beirut. Article by: Yara Zgheib Winter in Beirut means early orange sunsets and crisp air blowing east from the sea. Just as well; it blows fresh on our backs as we race up Saint Nicholas’ Stairs. The stairs are dressed for Christmas and the New Year, […]