For the Love of Woodworking: Thomas Trad

Man with eyeglasses wearing a black t-shirt with tattoos on his sleeves

In the last decade, the traditional world of Lebanese design has been invigorated by a wave of modern, young creatives. They are satisfying a growing appetite for objects and furniture that are contemporary and avant-garde; not imported from Italy or Scandinavia but conceived and produced right here in Lebanon. Thirty-year-old Thomas Trad is a leading […]

Sandra Mansour: A Sartorial Tour de Force

Portrait of a young woman with short black hair

Interviewed by: Patricia Bitar Cherfan, Editor-in-Chief With hard work, dedication, and a strong vision, the Beirut-based designer rose through the ranks of the competitive world of the fashion industry. Today, Sandra Mansour’s fairytale creations are highly coveted in the Middle East and beyond. Sandra Mansour candidly shares her inspiring story with HOME. It has been […]

An Interview with Emerging Lebanese Designer, Rouba El Murr

Standing woman in black and white

When she was 7, Rouba el Murr did not play dress up with her mother’s clothes; she painted on them and cut out the fabric to design her own. The 7-year-old devoured fashion magazines and studied runway shows. She announced to her parents: I want to be a fashion designer. Twenty-two years later, she is. What was the first outfit you […]

Nada Debs: Shaping Modern Arab Identity

Smiling woman

Lebanese designer Nada Debs’ exploration of her Arab identity shapes her modern Arabesque design. Lebanese designer Nada Debs has become synonymous with modern Arabesque design, as seen in her prolific range of impeccably made furniture items and HOME accessories. Her astute eye for design, love of craft and strong vision celebrate the best of Arabic style with […]