Lebanese architect turned sculptor Nayla Romanos Iliya has something of a love-hate relationship with the country of her birth. When Nayla left during the civil war years, it was a country in turmoil, and having now returned she has found something similar although for different reasons. What she has experienced on her return is a […]

Arabesque Christmas

  This year, Elie Berchan came up with a revisited Christmas mood highlighting our roots. Arabesque Christmas was the main inspiration. Being from the Middle East, the land of religions, Elie Berchan was inspired to develop such a theme which includes mainly letters, candles and wood branches. How did you come up with the theme? […]

Chef Maroun Chedid: From The Lebanese Terroir to The World

A place that has a soul, a man who has a vision and a huge love for a mother which fueled his life with motivation. Maroun Chedid shared with HOME Magazine the start of his successful career. He shared with us his passion and his attachment to the Lebanese terroir, his story of success, working […]

The Genesis and Evolution of Hummus: A Staple in Lebanese Cuisine and Culture

  Some might describe it as a creamy, savory, decadent appetizer with numerous nutritional values. Others may think of it as mesmerizing and purely satisfying to their pallet. Still others would cross heaven and hell to claim it as their own, whether you’re a native Lebanese resident or a member of the vast diaspora, one […]