The Road of the Lebanese Immigrant Walter Muller Moujir

Man wearing suit and eyeglasses giving speech on microphone stand

South America is an established hotspot for the Lebanese diaspora; Argentina alone boasts 1.5 million of them. Immigration to the country began in the 19th century and has continued, fostering a bona fide bond between the Middle Eastern country and its South American counterpart. As Walter Muller Moujir, an Argentinian of Lebanese descent says, “All […]

Harry Nadjarian: Chairman of Industrial Motor Power Corporation

Photo by: Arka Photography How the chairman of one of the largest privately held industrial power equipment trading companies in the world puts Lebanon first. At first glance, Harry Nadjarian’s corner office verifies the most curious conjectures of the popular imagination: impeccable floor-to-ceiling glass windows, coveted views, a seemingly endless adornment of accolades, and official […]

The Doctor at Your Beck and Call May Be You

  Jeremy Howick says we don’t always need medicine to get well, a lesson he learned from a cup of tea. Article by: Niamh Fleming-Farrell This is a story about how an allergy to a cat altered the course of a young man’s life. It begins with a cup of ginger tea. In the early […]