LeBAM, Transforming Lives Through Music Education

Choir and orchestra wearing white clothes on stage

Love at First Concert We first came into contact with The Lebanese Band Association for the Promotion of Music (LeBAM) when HOME Magazine was invited to hear its band perform in the village of Baskinta, in the district of Metn, many years ago. Not knowing what to expect from a young orchestra, we sat among […]

Gino Raidy: From Journalism to Blogging to Activism

Man with beard

Popular Lebanese blogger Gino Raidy talks civil society, liberal ideals and initiating change, walking us through his journey from blogging and journalism into impactful activism. Between Gino’s Blog and MARCH Gino Raidy started a blog in 2010 as an extra-credit project while studying biology at the American University of Beirut. Little did he know he would one […]

Donner Sang Compter: NGO for Saving Lives

A simple blood donation can save a life. Donner Sang Compter is an NGO that links donors to patients. “Thanks  to  the  seventy-two strangers  who  donated their blood to me, I am alive today and able to play the drums again!” says Rawad Haddad, a patient who needed blood. Indeed, what a blessing it is […]


It all started in a small Armenian-Lebanese community in Antelias. The initial idea of Ganatch -the Armenian word for ‘green’-came from former yoga instructor Varant Kurkjian, who wanted to revive the spirit not only in the physical sense, but also emotionally; to liberate the mind and soul through the simple act of recycling. In essence, […]