Awakening a sleeping giant with an explosive new film

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Award-winning filmmaker Daizy Gedeon’s mission to motivate Lebanon’s diaspora to vote for change The most authoritative and trusted source of entertainment news, the trade publication Variety, calls Lebanese-born Australian filmmaker Daizy Gedeon’s new film, Enough! Lebanon’s Darkest Hour, “a potentially explosive documentary.” That’s just what she has in mind. Enough! begins with the horrific Aug. […]

12 NYC Lebanese Restaurants for When You’re HOMEsick

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In the middle New York City’s chaos—the traffic, the tourists, the skyscrapers, the cold—it’s almost easy to get homesick; to long for Gemmayze’s bar scene, Hamra’s delicious late night spots, Byblos’s serene port, and teta’s cooking. Since hopping on a plane and flying to Beirut is not always the most feasible option, fishing for authentic […]

Baskinta “You can take the boy out of the village, but you can’t take the village out of the boy.” Joseph Ghaleb Karam, founder of the Lebanon Mountain Trail and president of the American Friends of the Lebanon Mountain Trail

Over the past eight years, Lebanese American Joseph Ghaleb Karam has gradually moved back to Lebanon after living in the United States since the mid-1980s. The co-founder and president of ECODIT, a 26-year-old international group dedicated to promoting environmentally sustainable development, has been commuting to Beirut from the headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, in the Washington, […]

Making cancer history: Dr. Elias Jabbour

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Interviewed by Editor- in-Chief, Patricia Bitar Cherfan   Renowned oncologist Dr. Elias Jabbour is pioneering developmental therapeutics research in leukemia. The Lebanese American is a professor in the Department of Leukemia at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, a leading cancer hospital in the United States.  HOME had the wonderful opportunity to sit […]

Remembering Lebanon

Rafik Hariri University faculty and staff dinner, 2016 It’s been two weeks since a massive explosion in Beirut’s port sent shock waves that were felt in Cyrus, over 150 miles away. It killed more than 200 people. At least 110 are still missing and by the latest counts as many as 300,000 are suddenly homeless. Prime […]

When a Bright Woman Takes Charge!

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Competent, qualified, professional, classy, dynamic lady, Caroline Chemaly—you are the general manager of The Bayview Hotel and a hospitality, travel and tourism consultant, specialized in the development of the tourism sector, and holding a double master’s degree in Hospitality Management and Marketing. You also speak four languages. And you were elected in 2016 to be […]