How the Lebanese Citizen Bill of Rights Can Deliver an Independent Judiciary

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Many in Lebanon have started demanding an independent judiciary. And yet few describe what this really means. After all, in its very definition, the judiciary is there to simply interpret what the law is and to pass judgment for the authorities to apply. Unfortunately, over the past few years, the people in Lebanon have lost […]

Five Things in Common Between Beethoven and Lebanon

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While enjoying the 27th edition of the Al Bustan International Festival (Feb. 18-March 22, 2020), which features a series of concerts and performances celebrating the music and life of composer Ludwig Van Beethoven, we could not help but notice some similarities between Beethoven’s tumultuous, challenging life and our beloved Lebanon. It is no secret Beethoven […]

Could a Citizen Bill of Rights help Lebanon overcome its turmoil?

lebanese money 20000 50000 and 100000 with the Canadian Flag

The Lebanese Citizen Bill of Rights provides the citizens with ALL the rights that they have been demanding. As such, it is arguably among the few instruments available to the Lebanese state, which could allay the rising anger and fear of the citizens as their financial situation deteriorates. Therefore, unlike what some may argue as […]

A Bird’s Eye View With Lebanon’s Paragliders

A man flying in the sky with an orange parachute

Look up. Shade your eyes. See those specks of vibrant colors — striped red and blue, neon yellow, hot pink— soaring gracefully above your head? Those aren’t birds or planes. They are the paragliders of Lebanon, and they bring new meaning to the phrase, “I am no bird and no net ensnares me.” Paragliding is […]

(لائحة الحقوق الاساسية للمواطن في لبنان (اصدار 6د

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نحن شعب لبنان، بعد أن عانينا المشقة والإذلال وسوء المعاملة من نظام مقسم غير عادل و غیر فعال، اتحدنا في التغلب على ماضينا الحزين، و القضاء على أوجه القصور و التجاوزات، وتعزيز دولتنا، و تجديد امتنا. من خلال قيامنا بذلك، نحن نسعى نحو مستقبل أكثر إشراقا وازدهارا لجميع المواطنين اللبنانيين من دون استثناء. نحن نطالب […]

Is it true that in Lebanese Constitution the words president, minister and parliament are mentioned more than 260 times, whereas the word citizen is mentioned only ONCE?

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A Bill of Rights is a grouping of rights that citizens assemble and render constitutional in order to serve as a counterbalance to the powers of the state. Whereas a constitution establishes a state by ceding some rights and responsibilities to a government representing the people (e.g. building roads, public education and security), a Bill […]