Letter to my Daughter

Two women in a salon setting

Like countless who came before me and others yet to come, I am a Lebanese parent who sends her children away as gifts to the world. More than parents of any other nation, we find ourselves hugging our almost-grown children in airports, wishing them well as they leave us to pursue higher education or career […]

The Challenges of Building HOME

  Photo: Salzburg Global Seminar | Ela Grieshaber The Challenges of Building HOME I was invited this summer to Salzburg Academy on Media and Global change as a guest scholar to speak about my experiences – and especially challenges – as a media entrepreneur. So, in addition to enjoying this exceptionally beautiful, rather bewitching city, […]

Mommy Knows Best

Breastfeeding is much more than just nutrition, it is a relationship that benefits both mother and child. Mommy’s Best is a Lebanese NGO founded in June 2009 by Linda Karam Baroud with a group of mothers, activists and a physician. Its main objective is to enhance parent-children relationships on various levels, such as emotional and […]