Gabriel Yared: Oscar-Winning Composer’s Path to Greatness

Face portrait of man with curly hair

Photo by Marian Adreani Interviewed by Editor-in-Chief Patricia Bitar Cherfan Gabriel Yared’s ecstatically rich scores have provided the backdrop for some of our time’s most celebrated films. HOME interviewed him during a visit to Lebanon and discovered that the Oscar winner’s inspiring story is worthy of its own movie. The voice of angels and richness […]

Yalda Younes: Seeking Stillness in the City of Action

Black and white picture of woman lying on mat floor with microphone in room and crowd behind her

Part yoga student, part flamenco dancer, and all-around bewitching person, Yalda Younes has studied her crafts in India and Spain, and now has a flourishing business and creative practice as a yoga teacher and performer here in Beirut. Her most recent dance performance, “A Universe Not Made for Us,” is a collaboration with her husband, […]

Five Things in Common Between Beethoven and Lebanon

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While enjoying the 27th edition of the Al Bustan International Festival (Feb. 18-March 22, 2020), which features a series of concerts and performances celebrating the music and life of composer Ludwig Van Beethoven, we could not help but notice some similarities between Beethoven’s tumultuous, challenging life and our beloved Lebanon. It is no secret Beethoven […]

Sofar Sounds Beirut: A Secret Music Experience

Man performing on stage with crowd and buildings and lights behind him

Sofar Sounds is a secret music initiative that is perfected down to the last detail, weaving a magical melodic night, from the intimacy factor to the listening experience. In celebration of Sofar’s 10th anniversary, they held a show at Feel22’s building rooftop in Jisr el-Wati on May 12. The 22nd show overlooked Beirut by night […]

Heartbeat: Doctors Moonlighting as Musicians to Save Lives

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Interviewed by: Patricia Bitar Cherfan, Editor-in-Chief One in a hundred babies is born with a heart defect. That amounts to 600 cases per year in Lebanon. Most of these children can be saved. An outstanding 95 percent can go on to lead normal lives, if they receive proper treatment, and if they can pay for […]

Roadie Tuner: When Music Meets Technology

Hand with rings holding string instrument

When Bassam Jalgha started designing the world’s first automated string instrument tuner, he didn’t have guitars in mind. The Roadie range of products has received glowing reviews from luminaries of the rock scene, garnering praise from guitarists such as Spike Edney from Queen, Vinney Moore (UFO), Chet Roberts from Three Doors Down, and Mark Farner […]