The Giving Trees of AUBotanic

Brown tree trunks and green leaves

Walking through the gates of the American University of Beirut (AUB) is like a breath of fresh air — literally. The temperature seems to drop slightly, the breeze kisses your cheek in gentle bliss, and the refreshing scent and feeling of peace only nature can evoke lifts your mood to new heights. Birds sing the […]

Building A Sense of Belonging

House amidst trees

Although I lived in London for 16 years and in the United States for two, Lebanon remained HOME because of the strong sense of belonging nurtured at my grandfather’s house in the Chouf. This house gathered the family under its vaulted ceilings in the winter and in the garden under the grapevines — my grandfather’s […]

Honey Production in Lebanon

5 boces having atelier du miel, jars full of honey with 2 guys in front of a car and a garden

L’Atelier du Miel is using the Lebanese countryside to its full potential, with interesting and innovative techniques to create a huge range of tantalizing honeys. While cementing its place in the market, it is also building the future of beekeeping and honey production in Lebanon. Anyone who believes that all honeys are the same, should […]

Baskinta on the Writers’ Trail

Hiker with sunset landscape and Lebanon's map with Baskinta's title

“I am the son of the road, my country is a caravan and my life is the most unexpected of voyages. I belong to Earth and to God and it is to them that I will one day soon return.” Amin Maalouf ’s voyage started here, in a quintessential Lebanese HOME in Ain el Kabou, a village high in […]

Nature: The Essence of Happiness

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.” – John Muir For me, happiness lies in feeling connected to nature. Nature has the power to alter any mood. Yoga and wellness retreats must rely on the healing power of nature to enhance the overall experience. I think of days when […]