Representing HOME in the Big Apple: Majdi Ramadan

A bridge crossing waters amidst lightened buildings

With HOME etched into their hearts and souls, Lebanese diplomats represent Lebanon everywhere in the world. Majdi Ramadan is one such example of an individual. As Consul General of Lebanon in New York, Ramadan’s diplomatic role brings pride and recognition to his country. In his earlier years, Ramadan majored in political studies at the American […]

Maya Zankoul: Lebanese Illustrator Finds Inspiration from Daily Life

Two Colored Drawings of cities

At the age of 18, Maya Zankoul moved from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to Lebanon to study graphic design at Notre Dame University. This move and other travels awakened her eye for capturing life through unique yet relatable illustrations. Upon graduation, Zankoul worked in graphic design for a Saudi-based offshore company in Beirut. The corporate world […]

Malouf and Therese Abraham Create an Art Legacy in the Texas Panhandle

Old man woman in front of wooden table

Therese and Malouf Abraham with inlaid wooden table from Lebanon and Norman Rockwell’s painting First Day of School Lebanese-American and his wife donate their unique HOME and art collection to share their love of art with a Texas community. Tucked away in the little town of Canadian in the Texas Panhandle is the Citadelle, a very special […]

Through Mahmoud Hojeij’s Artistic Lens

Lebanese director, producer, writer and artist Mahmoud Hojeij has a lot to say and knows how to use a variety of media to say it. The award-winning filmmaker is making his mark. “The blindness. We’re all very blind. Maps. Loyalty. Happiness (or rather the myth of happiness). Connection is a big theme I think about. […]

Recettes de Vie

  How often did we, as children, do our HOMEwork at the kitchen table, watching our mothers as they prepared another delicious chocolate cake? And how many times did we patiently wait for their permission to lick the mixing spoon? The kitchen is the heart of our HOME, a place full of life, love and […]

Finding Time to Take Off

Taking a break from one’s responsibilities and work is vital. During this period, one has the chance to take a breather, and come back to work with a rejuvenated approach and perspective. HOME Magazine asked two of the busiest people in the country about their opinion on taking time off. Nada Zarour is the President […]