Bringing Alsace to Lebanon

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  Besides their gorgeous mountainous landscapes, renowned wine routes and rich cultural heritage, Lebanon and France’s historical northeastern region of Alsace share the same convivial spirit and unquenchable love for life. Article by: Christina Fakhry With 80,000 Alsatian expats scattered across the world today, those residing in Lebanon have come to establish their own association, […]

Episodic Volunteering

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Photos by: Zakaria Rakha On October 17, 2017, 117 scuba divers from around the world spent two days collecting a ton of underwater trash including tires, plastics and medical wastes from eight coastal areas of Lebanon. On November 5, 2017, 5,000 cedar trees were planted in the Cedars of the Lord in Bsharri by 2,000 […]

ARIJ: Watchdog Journalism that Holds the Powerful to Account

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Photos by Ala’a Sukhni, ARIJ “Against the odds, investigative journalism persists in the Middle East,” beams a headline in the Columbia Journalism Review, the leading publication for media industry professionals and academics. And one organization of watchdogs—Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism—is largely responsible. ARIJ Executive Director Rana Sabbagh, a key figure in the Amman-based organization’s history, says, “We won’t remain silent bystanders. […]

Lebanese Children’s Fund (LCF) Foundation in Montreal

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Members and friends of LCF Once upon a time, when the land of milk and honey found itself choking on the black smoke of war, children’s cries could be heard throughout the Mediterranean. This tugged at human hearts all over the region. An NGO called Lebanese Children’s Fund was created in Cyprus by several dedicated […]

LebNet: Where Lebanon Meets Silicon Valley

  LebNet is a US non-profit organization of high-tech professionals of Lebanese heritage that started back in 1999. Its mission is to connect, network and nurture. LebNet supports startups and innovations in Lebanon and by those of Lebanese heritage worldwide. Article by: Dr Patricia Nabti – Executive Director, Volunteer for Lebanon Silicon Valley is actually […]