Bed and Breakfast: Showcasing the Authentic Lebanon

  The provision of Bed & Breakfast is a rising trend in Lebanon. It offers tourists, or even locals, a glimpse of the country’s exceptional culinary, historical and social heritage. Photos by: Natheer Halawani, Diaa Arfan, Rene Schulthoff, Leia Gorra and Paul Gorra, One of the most unique things about Lebanon is its distinct human […]

Namliyeh: The Humble Refrigerator from Simpler Times

  The namliyeh remains in the corner of our grandparents’ kitchen as a witness of the past amid the rapid technological evolution. Photos by: Diane Aftimos The refrigerator is common in any household nowadays. Refrigerators nowadays have so many different features, sizes, colors and shapes, that it is sometimes difficult to decide which one to […]

The Genesis and Evolution of Hummus: A Staple in Lebanese Cuisine and Culture

  Some might describe it as a creamy, savory, decadent appetizer with numerous nutritional values. Others may think of it as mesmerizing and purely satisfying to their pallet. Still others would cross heaven and hell to claim it as their own, whether you’re a native Lebanese resident or a member of the vast diaspora, one […]


Lebanon and Greece play a major role in Effi Shammas’s cuisine. According to her, both countries have many similarities. It starts with their “joie de vivre”, their common deep family roots and ends with their love for sharing food. Family and friends gathering would be incomplete without a big table filled with different mezzés. However, […]