The Babikian Family: From Cilicia to Lebanon and Beyond

Merged Lebanese flag of red, white and green cedar with Armenian flag of red, blue and orange

HOME has a tradition of showcasing Lebanese families, or what might be considered clans, that share the same name and heritage, often uniting under an association in the family’s name, like the Ma’lufs, Osseirans, Skaffs, Chehabs, Sinnos, Hamadehs, Bustros, and Daouks. In choosing an Armenian family, HOME sought to highlight their dual role as Armenians […]

The Osseirans: Saida Family Distinguishes Itself in Diplomacy and Politics

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Ali Osseiran is a representative of the Zahrani District to the Parliament, where he has served since 1993. His father, Adel Osseiran, or Adel Beyk, as he came to be called, was a recognized leader of the Lebanese fight for independence from France and went on to become a distinguished politician in the new country. In interviews with HOME, […]