Ahla Fawda: Painting Together in the Spirit of Change

Multicolor painting of two human heads

I first met Imane Assaf on Hamra Street, where she was dressed up as a fabulously ugly Halloween witch. The Halloween street event was one of Ahla Fawda’s very first initiatives aimed at bringing joy, entertainment, and new artistic experiences to locals. Becoming part of the Ahla Fawda team means joining Assaf’s extended family. Her […]

Sandra Mansour: A Sartorial Tour de Force

Portrait of a young woman with short black hair

Interviewed by: Patricia Bitar Cherfan, Editor-in-Chief With hard work, dedication, and a strong vision, the Beirut-based designer rose through the ranks of the competitive world of the fashion industry. Today, Sandra Mansour’s fairytale creations are highly coveted in the Middle East and beyond. Sandra Mansour candidly shares her inspiring story with HOME. It has been […]

A Special Tribute to Lebanon by LibanPost

Cedar green tree

Each year, on November 22, Lebanon honors its Independence Day, and this time it was a momentous occasion that marked the 75th year since the end of the French Mandate over Lebanon. To commemorate this milestone, LibanPost put together a very special tribute to show gratitude for its HOMEland and for its supporters by merging […]

For the Art: A Two-Way Bridge Between Switzerland and Lebanon

For the Art builds a bridge through the arts between Lebanon and Switzerland and, in the process, supports art therapy. From projecting a short movie on a human body to having Pierre Geagea, an artist who, since birth, is deaf, perform the most incredible dance, to sending a Swiss composer and pianist to Lebanon for […]

Tripoli’s Little Artists: Kun Ensen’s Peacebuilding Project

Sadika Kebbi founded the nonprofit Kun Ensen (Being Human), teaching youth to express themselves through art and public speaking, but the bigger agenda is peacebuilding. Driving up to Tripoli, I’m thinking about the unique Sadika Kebbi and what she’s up to today – her Little Picasso Project. On this gray afternoon in early spring, the […]

HOME for Guvder – Still Artistically Fresh Nearing 100

After studying in France and Italy, Guvder came back HOME to transmit his passion to a new generation of painters and sculptors. When we consider the works of Jean Guvdérelian, best known by his pseudonym Guvder, we wonder if from now on, we are not condemned to be but amazed in front of this great, gross […]