Coffee & Politics: Bringing Politics Back to the People

Group of people sitting in a coffee shop

Most of today’s youth feel alienated from political life, and it’s easy to see why. Lebanon arguably has one of the most mind-boggling political arrangements in the world. Eighteen different sects with shifting alliances haggle over a tiny country whose wounds from the Lebanese Civil War have far from healed. Tracy Nehme has been pushing […]

Ramy Boutros: Designing Spaces His Way

Young man wearing black clothes smiling and sitting on chair

With a client portfolio that spans some of the most well-known hospitality brands and restaurants in Lebanon and the Gulf region (Em Sherif, Villa Clara, Numero Six, Fred Bistro and Kateh, to name a few) and countless residential HOMEs, Ramy Boutros has made a name for himself as an interior architect His success can be […]

Entrepreneur Yasmina Wakim Brings Saffron Back to Lebanon


Serial entrepreneur Yasmina Wakim, with a heart for socially responsible projects, brings saffron production back to Lebanon. Asked where she’s from, Yasmina Wakim replied, “Born in Lebanon and raised on the moon!” And after a few minutes with this Lebanese Swiss serial entrepreneur, you may indeed think she is an alien. It appears Wakim doesn’t […]

Nada Debs: Shaping Modern Arab Identity

Smiling woman

Lebanese designer Nada Debs’ exploration of her Arab identity shapes her modern Arabesque design. Lebanese designer Nada Debs has become synonymous with modern Arabesque design, as seen in her prolific range of impeccably made furniture items and HOME accessories. Her astute eye for design, love of craft and strong vision celebrate the best of Arabic style with […]

CEDRE: Energy Sector and Future Prospects of Lebanon


Lebanon has always been subjected to political, security, financial and economic adversities. Ever since its independence in the early ‘40s of the past century, the country has faced periodic internal as well as regional tensions and hiccups that have marred its progress and development process. Yet, amazingly, the country has time and again managed to […]

An-Nahar: Where History Lives

Photo essay by Aia Dakdouk and Sandra Whitehead An-Nahar, one of Lebanon’s most influential daily newspapers, is 85 years old. It is considered Lebanon’s “paper of record.” American- British author and journalist Charles Glass, who specializes in the Middle East, called An-Nahar “Lebanon’s New York Times.” Its archives’ tagline is: “The memory of Lebanon and the Arab world since […]