Hind Hobeika – Instabeat: Smart Goggles for Swimmers

Swimmer in blue water

Photo by Charalampos Tsirmpas From Lebanon to San Francisco, Hind Hobeika has evolved from a young passionate swimmer to a mature entrepreneur. Ten years of hard work and commitment did not do Hind Hobeika wrong. Over those years, she accepted the mistakes she made, pulled out the lessons she learned and worked harder on fulfilling […]

And Then Suddenly I Jumped!


Photo by Gaëlle Vuillaume Entrepreneurship, en•tre•pre•neur•ship äntrəprəˈnərˌSHip/ noun: the activity of setting up a business and taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. One day, a very well-intentioned financial advisor asked me about my “risk level.” I put on a wicked smile and replied, “My slippers have non-skid soles.” I think he quit […]

Elsa Yazbek Charabati: Passionate about her Profession

Elsa Yazbek Charabati blended a love of languages and travel into a successful career as a journalist and educator. Photo by: Colette Tabet Lebanese journalist Elsa Yazbek Charabati started her TV career at the young age of 20 and has forged a distinguished path in the field with passion and dedication ever since. In a […]

Ghassan Korban: Milwaukee’s City Commissioner

  Ghassan Korban says he carries Lebanon in his heart. He’s deeply affected by both Lebanon’s nature and culture, which led him to become a public servant. He wants to make a change and enrich people’s lives. Interviewed by Hailey Richards, a 20-year-old journalism student at Marquette University, a prominent Jesuit university located in the […]

Nada G: A Jewelry Brand of Distinction

  Driven by her passion for designing, Nada Ghazal quit a successful job to pursue her childhood dream. Her eye for detail helps her design timeless pieces of jewelry. Following Her Intuition From an early age jewelry designer Nada Ghazal wished to express herself through decorative means. As a child, Ghazal was more introverted and […]

Jason Steel:The Man Who Dislikes Fashion

Fashion. We think we know what it is and especially so in beautiful Beirut with its high-octane glamour. Leading Lebanese designers dress royalty and Hollywood royalty in equal measure. Yet for me, there is just one problem: I do not like fashion. This may seem like a contradictory statement for someone who is overseeing the […]