Le Marchand de Rêves

Face portrait of a bold man with an orange colored shirt with his hand on his face

Photos by Omar Sfeir Omar Sfeir creates unforgettable experiences for people looking to escape the dullness of everyday life through costumes, photography, and fantasy. Le Marchand de Rêves is a platform that combines vintage fashion and uniquely constructed photo booths. Think of each photo booth as an elaborate dressing room or theatrical set that contains […]

Dar al Mussawir: What’s in an Image?

Cameras on shelves

Transmit a memory. Transform a moment. Capture some part of reality. These elements are the essence of photography, but how is an image projected and received by an audience? And what can we understand from these snapshots? Beirut-based Dar al Mussawir is one of the foremost photography spaces in Lebanon and the Middle East whose […]

Photographer Andrea Shaker Explores Her Ancestral HOME

Photo by: Lama S. Riman In the small town in New England, U.S.A., where Lebanese-American artist Andrea Shaker grew up, the local fire station tested its alarms at noon. “We lived across the street from the station so the alarm was quite loud. For me, the siren was part of an overall sense of comfort, […]

Through Mahmoud Hojeij’s Artistic Lens

Lebanese director, producer, writer and artist Mahmoud Hojeij has a lot to say and knows how to use a variety of media to say it. The award-winning filmmaker is making his mark. “The blindness. We’re all very blind. Maps. Loyalty. Happiness (or rather the myth of happiness). Connection is a big theme I think about. […]

Visiting Lebanon Through A Greek Lens

  Iro Pagona loves traveling; she has fallen in love with the “wandering” process. Iro’s heart beats fast with every step that she takes in a new place. When she visited Lebanon, Iro was experiencing the country through her Greek photo lens. Photos by: Iro Pagona “I visited Lebanon with my family, to experience a […]

AUB Outdoors: A Heart-Warming Story Since 1981

  AUB Outdoors is the biggest student-organized event in Lebanon, taking place at the American University of Beirut (AUB) on a yearly basis, on the third weekend of May. This year the theme was “The Alien Invasion.” Walking around AUB’s main campus during Outdoors is like strolling along a never-ending path of fun and excitement. […]