Moise Khayrallah Can Do: With Six New Drugs on the Market and Counting, Renowned Lebanese American Biomedical Entrepreneur Pays Tribute to his Lebanese Heritage

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Interviewed by: Patricia Bitar Cherfan, Editor-in-Chief “I am from the old stock,” says Moise Khayrallah proudly, but with an equal measure of humility, as he explains to HOME that his family ancestry can be traced back almost 400 years in Ghbeleh. A quiet and verdant mountainous village 42 kilometers from Beirut in the Ftouh Keserwan […]

The Spoiling Epidemic of Christmas: How to Avoid Spoiling Kids at Christmas

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Photos by: Chocolate Fine Art Photography How many gifts are you going to have under your Christmas tree this year? Ten? Twenty? Thirty or more? Parents are in a dilemma this time of year as they are caught between the urge to indulge children with tons of gifts and the fear of raising spoiled kids. […]

Positive Parenting

A child’s healthy upbringing requires great responsibility from parents. Anita Papas shares some lessons she learned by being both a mother and a clinical psychologist. I recall my thoughts as my husband and I were planning to have our first baby. I was torn between my desire to have a baby and the immense responsibility […]

Changing Roads

“When and how did you start yoga?” That is the most common question I get from friends, colleagues and acquaintances. The real answer is something I’ve never shared before. The truth is, yoga has been a part of my life since the very first day my personality started getting forged. Article by: Sally Rached Sally […]

The Insult

Ziad Doueiri’s film, “The Insult,” received an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Film 2018. The nation’s first entry into the Academy Awards tells an important truth about post-Civil War Lebanon. Article by: Carla Richa Carla Richa is a multimedia journalism student at the Lebanese American University with a huge interest in art and fashion To start with, I don’t […]

New Music Game Apps for Young Children

Children benefit from music instruction; new music game apps make learning fun! Exposure to music has a huge impact on brain development. Recent studies from the University of Southern California, the University of Montreal and Beijing Normal University all provide evidence of a variety of benefits from early music instruction. It accelerates brain development, improves […]