Lebanon’s Impressive Showing at the English-Speaking Union’s International Competitions


The English-Speaking Union is celebrating 100 years of creating opportunities for students from around the world to meet and speak together. Lebanese students have been participating in its signature event, an international public speaking competition, for almost two decades. And it turns out, Lebanese shine in this arena! Since Lebanon first entered the English- Speaking Union’s (ESU) International Public […]

Tripoli’s Little Artists: Kun Ensen’s Peacebuilding Project

Sadika Kebbi founded the nonprofit Kun Ensen (Being Human), teaching youth to express themselves through art and public speaking, but the bigger agenda is peacebuilding. Driving up to Tripoli, I’m thinking about the unique Sadika Kebbi and what she’s up to today – her Little Picasso Project. On this gray afternoon in early spring, the […]

Elsa Yazbek Charabati: Passionate about her Profession

Elsa Yazbek Charabati blended a love of languages and travel into a successful career as a journalist and educator. Photo by: Colette Tabet Lebanese journalist Elsa Yazbek Charabati started her TV career at the young age of 20 and has forged a distinguished path in the field with passion and dedication ever since. In a […]

Leanne Manas: A Lebanese Tigress in South Africa

  She was voted one of South Africa’s Most Awesome Women in Cosmopolitan magazine and won the People magazine Crystal Award for Best Female TV Presenter in Africa for three years running. Multi award-winning TV presenter, radio host, MC and style icon, Leanne Manas is a one-of-a-kind person. And such a personality! She reveals herself […]

Expressing Ourselves Lebanese And The Art Of Public Speaking

While no one ever calls the Lebanese reserved, it is natural for humans to have a fear of public speaking. Apparently, the Lebanese are eager to overcome it. Is it the outgoing personality? The confidence? Or always having an opinion? What is it about the Lebanese and public speaking that make such a good fit? In […]