The Challenges of Building HOME

  Photo: Salzburg Global Seminar | Ela Grieshaber The Challenges of Building HOME I was invited this summer to Salzburg Academy on Media and Global change as a guest scholar to speak about my experiences – and especially challenges – as a media entrepreneur. So, in addition to enjoying this exceptionally beautiful, rather bewitching city, […]


  Montreal is a rich and vibrant city. It is known for being the most European hub in North America. It also welcomes the largest Lebanese community in Canada, according to the latest census in the metropolitan area. It is then not surprising to learn that more than 44,000 people, of Lebanese origin, made Montreal […]

Adonis Empire in Canada

Jamil Cheaib, president and co-owner of Marché Adonis, made his dream come true with his ambition and perseverance. It is quite impressive to meet Jamil Cheaib, the giant behind the mega-success story of Marché Adonis founded in Montreal in 1979. Cheaib is president and co-owner of the highly established and colossal ethnic food retailer specializing […]

Expressing Ourselves Lebanese And The Art Of Public Speaking

While no one ever calls the Lebanese reserved, it is natural for humans to have a fear of public speaking. Apparently, the Lebanese are eager to overcome it. Is it the outgoing personality? The confidence? Or always having an opinion? What is it about the Lebanese and public speaking that make such a good fit? In […]

From Climate Change Conference in Paris

Finding renewable energy sources and adopting smarter energy choices is a necessity for the economy and the environment. The sound of a generator revving below the building competes with melodies of the Akon concert in the background. Here I am in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) experiencing a power cut and listening to a rapper […]

How to Create Motivated Teams and How to Keep them Motivated

When I was asked by HOME to write an article on how to motivate teams and more importantly, how to keep them constantly motivated, I was flattered but worried at the same time. Flattered because it is a great reward getting this request from HOME but also worried because I was not sure if there was any […]