Al Makan: A Spiritual Third Space in Beirut

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By Bilal Ghalib and Joséphine Lesaffre Two lenses on a light shining in Beirut, Bilal and Joséphine share perspectives on Al Makan, a spiritual third space. Bilal I left San Francisco for Beirut and found a common spiritual HOME in both. There is a small, but growing, number of Islamic “third spaces” developing internationally. A […]

Unity Mosque

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How one Muslim Lebanese found HOME in a queer-friendly Friday prayer, reconnecting with her faith and other Muslim Lebanese in the diaspora along the way. Live to you from Toronto, but still carrying a piece of Lebanon with me. The first month in the diaspora was unkind, started with a brutal flu and ached with unforgiving isolation. […]

HOME Visits: The Rich Legacy of Ghazir

  The narrow and jagged coastline of Lebanon, rising from small fishing villages up steep, green mountains, has given Lebanon its special character. It has attracted settlers, refugees and conquerors through the ages – and Ghazir, a town 27 km (17 miles) north of Beirut, has seen them all. According to Anis Freiha’s book Names […]

At HOME With Carla Haddad

  We’ve seen this multitalented star as a comedian, weather reporter, TV personality and, more recently, one of the main hosts of Lebanon’s Dancing with the Stars (Arabic version of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing) on MTV. Her beauty, charm and wit have enthralled audiences over the years, making her a household name in Lebanon. She […]