LeBAM, Transforming Lives Through Music Education

Choir and orchestra wearing white clothes on stage

Love at First Concert We first came into contact with The Lebanese Band Association for the Promotion of Music (LeBAM) when HOME Magazine was invited to hear its band perform in the village of Baskinta, in the district of Metn, many years ago. Not knowing what to expect from a young orchestra, we sat among […]

Changing Roads

“When and how did you start yoga?” That is the most common question I get from friends, colleagues and acquaintances. The real answer is something I’ve never shared before. The truth is, yoga has been a part of my life since the very first day my personality started getting forged. Article by: Sally Rached Sally […]

The Insult

Ziad Doueiri’s film, “The Insult,” received an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Film 2018. The nation’s first entry into the Academy Awards tells an important truth about post-Civil War Lebanon. Article by: Carla Richa Carla Richa is a multimedia journalism student at the Lebanese American University with a huge interest in art and fashion To start with, I don’t […]

New Music Game Apps for Young Children

Children benefit from music instruction; new music game apps make learning fun! Exposure to music has a huge impact on brain development. Recent studies from the University of Southern California, the University of Montreal and Beijing Normal University all provide evidence of a variety of benefits from early music instruction. It accelerates brain development, improves […]

Pump it Up – Take Your Heart for a Walk

Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death and disability in our world. The modifiable cardiovascular risk factors are smoking, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, stress and inactivity. What can we do about it? Exercise! Article by: Walid Alami, M.D., FACC, FSCAI – Interventional cardiologist practicing in Beirut How much exercise do […]

Running: A Hidden Passion With A Purpose

  Running for others is a passion that Ali Kedami has developed over the years. His strong relationship with his daughter has helped him to overcome obstacles and pursue his endeavors to help others. Article by: Myriam Ramadanphy Ali and Saria, Saria and Ali… a father/ daughter relationship that is made of steel – just […]