Pole Dance in Lebanon: From a Workout Trend to a Lasting Community

Four women stretching in the dark

Essentially known as a discipline that combines dance and acrobatics, pole dance has been a noteworthy workout trend within the Lebanese community for the past few years, garnering a following of dedicated practitioners from all ages and backgrounds. But the physical activity component is only the tip of iceberg, as pole dance has gradually shifted […]

Beyond Feminist and Into Feminine

Women hazel eyes with hands infront

We are so lucky to be living a reality our ancestors could only dream of. Despite the struggles facing humanity to this day, we have succeeded in overcoming many challenges. In fighting for equality between the sexes, we have come a long way. But to march safely through the other half of the journey, I […]

The Last Mile

Woman in red hair holding brown leaf among trees

Sitting with Roger, better known as Rodge, I was listening to him describing how he used to play music under the bombs of Lebanon’s War (p.38). I was reminded of my own experience playing piano under the very same bombs, refusing to go down to the shelter! I looked back at the time we used […]