A Bird’s Eye View With Lebanon’s Paragliders

A man flying in the sky with an orange parachute

Look up. Shade your eyes. See those specks of vibrant colors — striped red and blue, neon yellow, hot pink— soaring gracefully above your head? Those aren’t birds or planes. They are the paragliders of Lebanon, and they bring new meaning to the phrase, “I am no bird and no net ensnares me.” Paragliding is […]

Solar HOMEs, Linked to the Major Source of Energy on Earth – the Sun

Green treas with rays of sun

Energy for life People spend most of their lifetimes inside buildings whether at HOME, work or otherwise. While workspaces are also important, HOMEs are probably more fundamental with regard to a very basic human need: shelter and refuge. When it comes to residential HOMEs, it is clear that humans strive to make them as comfortable […]

Clean Energy: Harvesting the Lebanese Sun, Water and Air

If you ask Lebanese citizens about their sweetest dreams and their most dreadful nightmares, the answer for many would be about electricity. Many factors have led to this situation in which we have a drastic shortage of electric power production and distribution in Lebanon: long years of war and lack of investment in the energy […]