Liban TROC Acts of kindness: Lebanon’s “new currency”

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Everyday wonderful acts of kindness are being displayed on Liban Troc, a site launched in December 2019. It is a testament to the astounding compassion and generosity of the Lebanese people, explains Liban Troc founder Hala Dahrouge. “One man offered his plot of land for people to come use it to grow food and start […]

Rallye des Grâces: The Race for Economic Empowerment

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Interviewed by Editor-in-Chief, Patricia Bitar Cherfan In an unconventional crossover, a car race doubles as an empowerment network for women to kickstart their own businesses. Chahrazad Rizk, a powerhouse of Swiss and Berber origins, is the driving force behind the Rallye des Grâces, or Women Classic Rally. HOME sat down with the first Arab woman […]

Putting Lebanon’s Public First

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With a distinct lack of public spending in Lebanon, a group of postgrads are taking on some of the challenges themselves. Although we like to paint a positive picture of Lebanon, we do recognize that it is not without its faults. Whether it is the traffic congestion, noise pollution or the barely adequate Internet connection, there are some things which could definitely be improved. In a country that […]

A Beautiful Smile is Priceless

a group of people and kids holding a flag with Global smile foundation

Global Smile Foundation (GSF) is a non-profit foundation that provides pro-bono, multidisciplinary, long-term cleft care for underserved children and adults in Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. Cleft lip and palate are two of the most common birth defects in the world and each corrective surgery can cost between $10,000.00 and $35,000 to treat. GSF’s team of volunteers, with […]

Dining in the Dark

Accepting an invitation to dine in the dark gives the writer new insight. Article by: Yara Zgheib Where is the salt? First question of many that catapults through my mind. I reach my hands forward, slowly, hesitant, feeling the tablecloth in front of me. My fingers touch something tubular. Two. Glass. The top feels like […]