Malouf and Therese Abraham Create an Art Legacy in the Texas Panhandle

Old man woman in front of wooden table

Therese and Malouf Abraham with inlaid wooden table from Lebanon and Norman Rockwell’s painting First Day of School Lebanese-American and his wife donate their unique HOME and art collection to share their love of art with a Texas community. Tucked away in the little town of Canadian in the Texas Panhandle is the Citadelle, a very special […]

Secrets of Accidental Chef Nancy Abirached Zarzur

Although she never stepped foot in a culinary school, Nancy Abirached Zarzur is gaining a reputation in greater Sydney as an excellent chef. In 2004, Zarzur and her husband, Raffic Faraj, bought a run-down Lebanese restaurant in Sydney’s eastern suburb of Randwick as a short-term investment. Now, 14 years later, with no end in sight, […]

Cindy Moussi Takes Readers on her Personal Journey to Mental Health

At the age of 43, Lebanese-Australian Cindy Moussi thought she had it all. Her son was grown up and independent, so it was time for a gap year – a year to step off the fast track and consider life’s deeper meanings, to figure out where to go from here. So, she left her fast-paced […]

HOME: A physical place that can be found, or a spiritual destination?

‘Let your HOME be your mast and not your anchor’, Khalil Gibran famously wrote. As an immigrant himself, he understood the enduring puzzle of the Lebanese diaspora: how to be both at HOME in the world and in Lebanon? Some immigrants argue that HOME can only be found in their country of origin, while others […]