Hermel: Archeology and History of the Region

   Stories heard about Hermel in the news might give us a false idea about the region; in fact, it has numerous archeological treasures. “Oct. 21, 2016 | 09:57 AM Lebanese Army conducts wide security operation in Hermel Jan. 18, 2017 | 09:56 AM Lebanese Army closes illegal border crossings in Hermel Feb. 24, 2017 […]

Amber: A Time Capsule

  Disant ces mots, son gosier altéré Humait un vin, d’ambre coloré, Sentait encore la grappe parfumée Dont fut pour nous la liqueur exprimée Having these words in passion said He swallowed wine like amber red; Wine, which by its taste confessed The grape from whence the juice was pressed                                            Voltaire With its variety […]

The Bustros Family of Achrafieh

  While the commercial achievements of men of the family led to its aristocratic status, it is notable that women of the family have been particularly active in civil society – from the call for Lebanese independence to women’s rights, environmental stewardship, and rural development. The primary unit in Lebanese society is the extended family, […]

Namliyeh: The Humble Refrigerator from Simpler Times

  The namliyeh remains in the corner of our grandparents’ kitchen as a witness of the past amid the rapid technological evolution. Photos by: Diane Aftimos The refrigerator is common in any household nowadays. Refrigerators nowadays have so many different features, sizes, colors and shapes, that it is sometimes difficult to decide which one to […]

Badaro, Urban Landscape

By Maie El-Hage Photographs by Rabih Ibrahim and Maie El-Hage The up-and-coming Beirut neighborhood of Badaro is made up of an eponymous main street and alleyways bustling with commercial activity and low-key entertainment venues. It also includes the luscious residential area of Hirsh Kfoury. The recent appropriation of pre-existing buildings by small businesses such as […]

The Museum of Lebanese Prehistory

  Discovering the mysteries of prehistoric Lebanon Located inside a Jesuit residence in the heart of Beirut, lies a museum that tells the story of the first humans that occupied the territories constituting our country today. The museum opened its doors in 2000, as part of the Saint-Joseph University of Beirut. The museum aims at […]