Technology is defining what it means to be human!

technological innovation

Mankind is undergoing one of the biggest transformations in its history due to the digital revolution currently underway. The explosion of exponential technologies or what has become known as “the fourth industrial revolution” is drastically changing all sectors across the economy and every aspect of our lives. Digitization no longer applies to the field of […]

Roadie Tuner: When Music Meets Technology

Hand with rings holding string instrument

When Bassam Jalgha started designing the world’s first automated string instrument tuner, he didn’t have guitars in mind. The Roadie range of products has received glowing reviews from luminaries of the rock scene, garnering praise from guitarists such as Spike Edney from Queen, Vinney Moore (UFO), Chet Roberts from Three Doors Down, and Mark Farner […]

Putting Lebanon’s Public First

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With a distinct lack of public spending in Lebanon, a group of postgrads are taking on some of the challenges themselves. Although we like to paint a positive picture of Lebanon, we do recognize that it is not without its faults. Whether it is the traffic congestion, noise pollution or the barely adequate Internet connection, there are some things which could definitely be improved. In a country that […]

Did You Know That Now You Have Access To More Than 1000 Municipalities!

Woman in black dress sitting on a chair with laptop in office setting

Want access to all things municipal-related in Lebanon? The Lebanese Municipal Agenda is revealing a game-changing experience just for you! They are about to officially launch a revolutionary online platform, translated into English, Arabic, and French which will offer all citizens information on all topics of municipalities to peruse at their leisure. It’s easy! The […]

Philip Morris International,Scuderia Ferrari and Ducati Corse on a Quest for Progress

Philip Morris International blue logo

How Mission Winnow powers three industry leaders. Philip Morris International Inc. (PMI) and its two partners, Scuderia Ferrari and Ducati Corse, have rounded a new corner with the launch of “Mission Winnow.” The new global initiative is a PMI-led campaign to raise awareness of its passion and determination to constantly improve and evolve, as well as […]